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Tony Welch

We are nearing our mutually agreed upon date of separation, our best
chances to "start over," so while you really fucked with us from the
beginning, showing you're contemptuous in spades, most of us survived. The
treasonous NYC sewer rat that had already been thrust upon us was clicked
to 11 in this year, thanks to you. The new issues that will plague us for,
at least, the foreseeable future and the old issues that some of us have
that were made worse under your watch? Well, you can fuck off because
we're tougher than you. Your true character was on display with what you
did to us in your year but we each did what we had to to survive it and,
hi! Still here while in my hand, I hold a deal with 2021 that promises the
good things you should have delivered to us but you just slithered around
and did you best to make shit even worse. I am done with you, you are
history. Kiss my ass, 2020.

Welcome, 2021.


Tony Welch is a writer living in Minnesota.

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