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A Touch of Destined Love


I work as a teacher for grade VI students. I usually visit a coffee shop everyday after class hours. One day I found a paper half folded lying on one of the table just opposite to me. Out of curiosity when I looked into it I found that it was a love letter written thirty years ago, according to the date. I was touched by this letter. It was addressed to Ann. I asked people sitting nearby table, but it didn’t belong to them. So, I just folded it and kept in my hand bag. The very next day, in the same coffee shop I heard a women sharing her address with someone over the phone. I realized that she was Ann. I moved towards her and handed over the letter. She thanked me. After introductions, I asked about the letter. She told me it was the final letter she received from her one true love.  I wished to know what happened to him but could not ask her.  She said nothing of how they parted.  I felt sorry for her loss. Later, she left with a smiling face. I collected her contact details. Every day after that she would share a bit of their love story with me. I was touched. After a week, when I was evaluating project reports from my students, I came to one with handwriting that had a surprisingly resemblance to that of Ann’s letter. I verified it. It was almost one and the same. I asked the student to meet me at the staff room after class hours. I enquired about the handwriting. Her reply was that she wasn’t feeling well the other night, so she took the assistance of her neighbor. It was his handwriting. I asked her to wait for ten minutes that evening after the class, so I could drop her off at her home. Reaching her home I noticed a veteran waving his hands near her house. She told me that he was the neighbor uncle who helped her with the project report. After dropping her, I met him and confirmed that he’s the man whom Ann is in love with. So, I decided to reunite these true lovers.  I decided it was their destiny.  Or maybe it’s mine.

VG. is a writer living in Bangalore, India.

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