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Jeff Nevig


A vision in the sun looking up at everyone with dreams that no one can see

Pointed towards the heavens is a trail to the moon with a message to return home soon

Giving away a smile to everyone that passes by while reaching out to touch the light. 


An odyssey through stories told by tellers of our time and we feel the touch of angels 

As the wind gently moves across the sky.


Given to by the one who knows the ways of hope and love, a hand full of destiny in the light above

Sirens from the living past have been heard throughout the pages of life and delivered by bleeding hands

And into hearts and minds this story comes to rest.


With open heart and loving eyes the teller’s bleeding hands have given life 

And the wind carries the touch of angels from the mountains to the seas

As we continue this odyssey through time.    

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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