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Jeff Nesvig

2020 Remembered

As pure as life like a gentle rain these days are the storm that lies within

Lies that reign through lines of resolution from bi-polar thinking in crowded rooms

Bringing an uncertain vision of time through a kaleidoscope wielded with shaking hands 

Life will find a way, it always does.


The burning nights brought the darkness into the heart of living rain then disappeared like shadows in the sun

Gentle reign will heal the land then bring the truth with a steady hand, the room will soon be silent once again

Things remembered seem the same as quiet whispers of passing moments that wait inside this gentle reign 

Only to drift from place to place with no direction they move patiently into the night.


A penny for your thoughts and a moment to recall all that waits inside of you 

standing still and speaking softly l can hear the great divide filling urns of forgiveness for what has been done in the night

the fire has taken the truth and given it to the wind a million miles away so let’s run past the heather down by the river

we can listen to stories the old man tells of how it used to be and the places he has been, places in the wind.

2020 in a Jar

I have it all right here inside this little jar, every day that came to pass of a year they said couldn’t last

All the glory and all its dreams all that has past so quickly is living in this jar of memories

And I’m holding it right here for you to look inside if ever feel the need

The need to feel the days that we thought would never pass and the memories that will last a life time

I have them all right here.


The day you said I love you as the world waited to see the path of a wise man  as we held on to a dream

We have seen the many tellers and the stories that they come to sell from behind the empty stages 

Tossing coins into a wishing well.

We’ve seen the fires and the killing in the name of love, we’ve seen the silent whisperers praying to God above 

It’s all right here inside this little jar lest we open it up to see it live again. 


What have we learned, have we nothing left to give but the answers from a T.V. set that spread a virus where we live

And now we launch a rocket back to find the moon, something, somehow, somewhere to escape the madness of this empty room

A place where we looked for an answer that waited in our hearts has fallen down around us begging for a brand new start

But all is good, all has come to pass and every moment and every dream is saved right here in this little jar, at last.


Held like a lesson through space and time it waits to leave the jar, what have we learned?


Grateful Tales

Painted faces on the beach and hiding in the trees

Pale skin and wild eyes come together around the fire

To share a meal and dance through the night.


Sharing stories and telling of dreams and the journey that brought us there

The Redman’s customs have given feelings that we now belong here

So grateful for a moment and the  time that we shared.


At the end of our journey it was very clear, our adventure had just begun

So many stories to tell and the gift of each new day followed us as we made our way

Building our homes in a land so beautiful and cold we have never seen the snow

But still we are grateful to share the tales that we have been told.


From the top of the mountains to the valleys and the sea

We share the stories and dreams of our fathers and the painted faces hiding in the trees

We tell of the tales we shared with our friends when our new adventures come to an end

But every new life that follows a dream knows of the tales to be told

And come together to share a meal to remember that night so long ago.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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