Jeff Nesvig

Evening whispers through the forests beneath the harvest moon

The faint sounds of laughing children begin to leave the room

And each one shares a memory with the others who come to play

In the back yard of a forest in the breath of this new day.


Little hands that touch the sky hold the light of this new day

And breathe the breath of life onto a world that lost its way.


Laughing at the sunshine as the children find their way into the back yard forest

And the breath of this new day, Every dreamer tells a story

a lesson to show the way but every little hand reaches up beneath the harvest moon

to save this world with a new day.


So, that was then, can you see the light as it moves across the forest floor

Can you still hear the children laughing in the evening beneath the harvest moon

Have you given a thought to the things that you’ve left outside 

As you look inside your window drying the tears that you’ve cried.


Go back and be that child that ran across the forest floor

It’s the only way to find that place where your dreams can live forever more

A place to see the sunshine, a place to share a memory with the friends you’ve left behind

Go back, I’ll be waiting for you there. 



I’ve never been to Hollywood she said with a smile

But I’ve seen the movie and it’s time for me to go

Now I just need a ride

And she says…honey can we go.


She said she’s never seen the Milky Way

But she’s always counting stars

Any chance to touch the sun she said

Any chance at all.


in the nights of Aurora borealis she reaches into the sky

touching the colors that pass through the night

that come to rest inside her eyes


nobody knows her name but everyone wants to know

what she says when she talks to the sky in the evening during the northern glow

she always speaks with a smile as if she has a secret she cannot share

but just one look at the colors in her eyes will tell you things she already knows.


I’ve never been to Hollywood and I’ve never touched the sky

But if you want to jump inside I’d love to give you a ride.




Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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