Jeff Nesvig

Shine down on me

With every thought we share we touch the silence within our hearts

Every morning tells the story of the nights we’ve left behind

And she runs into the sunshine of each new day

I want to watch her as she shines, let it shine down on me.


Let it shine, let it shine down on me

I want to feel the sunshine of her love shine down on me.


Now, as her world swiftly turns I reach inside her dreams

Holding on to just one moment she becomes a fantasy for me

Her thoughts and mine are running wild

Holding hands as we run into the sun and share the silence in our hearts.


For every word we share a thousand thoughts come alive inside these dreams

And every morning I awake knowing that the sun is shining down on me

Let it shine, let it shine down on me.


A fantasy to look inside and live within these dreams

Watching as the sun shines down as she reaches out to me

sharing a thousand thoughts she comes alive with just one word

touching the silence within my heart she shares her dreams with me.


And I watch it shine, shine down on me.



I don't mind

When I look up in to the sun everything around me blends into one

All that I see and all that I feel become free and my thoughts start to run

Faster and faster as words fly by it’s hard to see the stars in the sky

Eventually all will come to rest as time passes by and I don’t mind.


The world is all that it is and it spins around me like a laser in the mid-night

So here I stand with the stars in my hands and a girl like you laughing to the world's delight

Can you see inside of all that she hides, pieces of me like a laser in the mid-night

A shooting star across my mind burning its image in space and time, and I don’t mind.


She cries alive into the light spinning all around her and I don’t mind, she’s alright to me

If you want to look inside just close your eyes and listen to her laughter passing by, you won’t mind

She sounds like the ocean of space and time crashing through dreams into the mid-night, alive she cries

So if you want to see the stars then close your eyes and look inside, she’s passing by laughing at the mid-night.


Listen to the sounds of crashing tides, foot prints passing in the sands of space and time leaving dreams in my mind

Now the world can see her talking to the storm and laughing at the mid-night and we don’t mind

She moves around like the stars in the sky and I can see her as she passes by 

Now I’m laughing at the mid-night and I don’t mind.


Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.


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