Jeff Nesvig

Do you remember when we felt the world turn, we fell down upon our knees

Reaching outside for that golden moment just to dream a dream

The hand of God was reaching down and touched the silent souls

Crying eyes that look to the sun wait for life to unfold.


This is the place where thunder brings the lightning to dance upon the sandstone floor

In the evening when the condor flies she drifts into forever more

Seeing visions, speaking to the moon, telling tales of a visitor that is said to return, oh so soon

Bring your stories and share your wine with the one who knows your dreams

Listen to the answers that the thunder and lightning bring.


A journey across the water has given life to a story and a place for us to grow old

Sometimes in the stillness of the night you can feel the ocean move your soul

And the stars that light the way give meaning to a brand new day from many years ago

Now the eyes of he who waits,  come to teach all there is to know.


The roaring silence has settled across the land 

To see the stillness of this place brings thoughts of days that have come pass

Days when Kings and Queens held the hearts of castle knights in their hands

It was a time of glory, a time to die for the dreams of man

And so we rest with quiet thoughts in this quiet land.  




Seven sacks of flour and seven ears of corn

Seven years of famine that brought his brothers home

God was taking pitchers but the papers called it lightning

And now we are standing in the storm reaching into the night


I’ve heard the dreams of man live in any type of weather

And from seed to tree they travel around the sun forever 

So open a sleepy eye and look into this dream

See what has come alive with the knowledge to believe.


Lay down the blinded edge of anger and slowly look away

Look upon your  judgment of the righteous with thoughts for another day.


Hallowed ground that brings the rain waits for a life to behold

Casting shadows in the sun to tell secrets of a life soon to unfold

So listen very carefully to the daylight as it speaks with sounds of animal emotion

And a place to dream of the love we seek.




Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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