Jeff Nesvig



My helmet is a snug fit even after 30 years

My bike is a soft tail custom, heavy in the custom

I miss my old shovelhead.


The streets have thinned out, not many people around

I love it, got the road for the most part all to myself

And the weather is perfect for a ride

The coronavirus at least in this little town has forced most hide inside.


But I’m in the wind with a full throttle smile

Listen outside your window and you’ll hear my Thunder Header roar for a good country mile

Chasing the wind and passing the virus, keeping it all in tune

Ain’t nobody’s going to stand in my way and no virus is going to ruin this day.


They say thousands have died and more on the way

I don’t believe it

I’ve got the sun on my back and the wind in between my knees

I’m a full throttle junkie with a smile on my face.


There is no virus that can ruin my day.





One more breath, one more taste of the ocean’s salty air

Gazing thru the mornings blindness to see all who come in prayer

The Coronavirus lingers silently taking lives here and there

Taking life and hiding love, leaving tides of tears to crash against the ocean’s floor.


Who has seen the evening mist coming in with warm and loving smiles

Those who know the beginning will surly see the end and the cries across many miles

Asking for just one more breath, one last taste of the ocean’s salty air

Many have come to gather in a place to see the smiles of a love that is there to be shared.


Some will walk the miles and find Coronavirus in their fears

Waiting for one last breath and a taste of ocean air, one more chance to stand in tides

And watch as tears crash against the ocean floor waiting for a virus to die.


Some will see the sunshine burning over the ocean floor

Who will take that step and reach inside where coronavirus  comes to hide

Now Lift the life of all that has been created to a place so high

And use a quiet moment to remove this virus from our lives  



A Symphony


Pictures crying for redemption are hanging on a wall of silence

And just outside the window you can see the Zeppelin slowly pass

Faces in the clouds look down on a world that moves so fast

And the colors that bring the rain come down like a symphony that is stealing time.


Mother says not to talk like that, she has heard that song before.


The puzzle comes together on a sleepy Nordic night showing its final thought to hungry eyes

And words that drift quietly across the wall of silence in the chill of this winter night

move with no direction other than to seek the colors of a symphony taken by time

Now given to flight, and the rain falls like song to sing mother’s loving mind to rest.

Everything is going to be alright.


And in the end our words will sing to the rain and find the hungry eyes that long to see the faces in the clouds

All the colors that make the rain will listen to a symphony of sight and sound

All knowing mother has heard this song before



Coronavirus II


The dawn has settled into a pleasant cool night

It brings a crisp chill that touches the body senses

Disguising itself as beautiful winter morning it slowly brings the pain

It slowly brings the pain.


This story has been told over 400 years ago

But back then nobody ever grew old

Only in song was the message carried on

Ring around the rosy a pocket full of posies, ashes ashes and you know the rest .


Ask me if I believe it and tell you no lies

But let me ask you if you truly see it with your hungry eyes

Someone said it’s airborne, they say that some have died

Let’s open a book and see the other side.


The thought of truth is a winter morning that chills you to the bone

But soon the sun will rise and the airborne virus will die

And soon this message will be all that carries on

Ring around the rosy a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes , where did it go…..




Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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