Jeff Nesvig

Pieces of thoughts that run thru my head

Move in circles repeating each piece 

And for a price I’ll tell them all to you.


I need something to eat

Food for thought in a world so hungry and blind 

Give me your time, lend me an ear

And I will tell you things your imagination longs to hear.


Stories of the future or days that have come to pass

Everything you’ve ever wondered, every feeling you’ve ever had

I have them all and they’re waiting here for you, anything you want.


She closed her eyes and ran her stories thru my mind

I could feel her hunger begin to grow

She is feeding on my dreams, I’ve paid the price

Now tell it all to me.




The ashes of yesterday have been set free

Picked up by the wind and carried away

This day will start a new beginning 

Shaking hands can touch the sun and feel its warm embrace.


She says she catches butterflies

She keeps them inside a jar

They fly around her memories like little shooting stars.


In other times of this illusion we all know where to fall

While the voices of many faces echo thru the walls

And we dance to the sounds of a wooden flute 

She keeps inside her dreams.


Playing the song of eastern winds as lotus blossoms fall

The eyes of enchanted children wait for the night to call

And in this place we wait for each other to keep us from the cold.


And when the butterflies have been set free 

She will sound the valley floor

Telling all that love has come to call.



There is a single cup sitting on the dining room table

The sliding glass door is open and the sun is just above the trees

The smell of coffee fills the morning air

And the new day begins to breathe.


Sleepy eyes look across the room 

As she sits next to her coffee in her floral silk robe she says a little prayer.


Each new day is a new adventure that she can hardly believe

So many things to do, so many things to see

She wants to experience them all,  but most of all

She wants to experience them with me

How did I ever deserve this.


She will pour me a cup of  coffee and call my name out loud

And I will sleep through it all until the sun light begins to enter the room

She is a dream to me, so please just let me sleep.


We count our blessings one day at a time

And each new blessing is held in our hearts 

Like a jewelry box full of dreams and time we hold it close with thankful prayer.


Yes my love, this one is for you

A thank you for all that you say and do

A thank for the love you give, all I can is simply that I love you.  


Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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