The World Under Review

Brian Lux

The thunder sounds ominous tonight.

The aggressiveness of posters on other sites

Pound the boards and scorch the screen

With red-hots pixels that burn my eyes.


Death, lies, and trying times

Leave me picking the lint from between the keys

And I'm not sure which is more important

Or if there's a chance in hell for any redemption.


I'm accused of having an opinion or two,

So I consider just keeping them as thoughts.

But I can't help but wonder which of them

Will vex my mind, all through the night.


Open a page, scroll down the screen

See what jumps out and grabs me

And see what really merits scrutiny.

Or is it all just an illusion of words?


In the end, nothing's adding up.

Chaos eludes order's restrictions

And order denies chaos' delight.

Yet both abhor a vacuum's plight.


The world under review coughs up no clues

As to what's going to happen next

And the aggressive thunder pounds my eyes

With death, and lies, to a mind that's vexed.



Brian Lux is a writer living in California.


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