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Boiler Plate

All rights are retained by the authors who have granted us permission to make their work available to the public on this site.


Subsequent re-publishing, re-use, or re-distribution of any kind without the permission of the original author is forbidden and  indicates, at best, a shaky moral character.


We’re looking for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry without restrictions as to style. 


With fiction and non-fiction, please submit only one piece per issue, however multiple poems may be submitted at the same time.


Pieces should be pasted into an email (we will not open emails with attachments because of security concerns) addressed to:


With “submission” in the subject field.  Clicking the above address will launch an email window.


By submitting to Hot Valley Writers you warrant that the piece is original, that you are the author and have the right to offer it for publication.  By submitting to Hot Valley Writers you are giving us permission to publish your work on this website.  


Authors retain all copyright to the individual pieces.


At this time Hot Valley Writers is unable to pay for accepted material.  We therefore will accept simultaneous multiple submissions and will surrender our right to publish any piece should the author be able to place it with a paying publisher.

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