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Tonight's Starting Lineup
Brian Lux

P:  Slim Dunlap.   
Dunlap became a Replacement in the starting rotation for former Minnesota Twins wild man, Bob Stinson who moved on in 1995 to play with the Angels.

C: Lou Barlow.  
Barlow has a strong arm and is a solid hitter and is often referred to as a “Dinosaur” for his used of an older model
catcher’s glove.

1B:  Jeff Ament.  
First baseman Jeff Ament hail hails from Havre, Montan though is often credited with being from Green River, Wyoming.  Ament is know for his athletic ability to stretch in order to make great plays on his base.

2B:  Carlos Santana.  
Santana is a fine second baseman with quick hands.  He is well known for having various talismans that he keeps in his locker, including a bobble head of Guru Sri Chinmoy.

3B:  Steve Wynn.
Known for frequently singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the teams seventh inning stretch, Wynn was considered a “Dream” find when picked up by the organization.

SS:  Cesar Rosas.
An adept player, Rosas is well known for looking cool on and off the field in his ever present shades.

LF:  Tommy Stinson.  
Brother of former pitcher Bob Stinson, Tommy shocked the world of baseball by becoming the first professional player at the age of 13.  Stinson is known for making great leaping catches at the fence.

CF: John Fogerty.  
Fogerty was picked up from the minor league but not given a chance to take the field until one day when he emphatically stated, “Put in me in coach, I’m ready to play.”  Due to his outstanding performance, Fogerty secured his position in Centerfield.

RF:  Gary Clark Jr.
Hailing from Austin, Texas, center fielder Clark has a spotless record of making no errors, catching balls hit under Bright Lights or stormy weather.

Manager:  Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen.  
Known for his impassioned love of the game, Springsteen was dubbed “The Boss” out of respect from his players and has long remained a solid figure in the sport of baseball.

Brian Lux is a writer living in California.

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