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Dan Farren

Aaron and Joanna are sleeping in their bed. 

AARON: I want to change sides.

JOANNA (half asleep): What?

AARON: I like to go back to your side. Like we were before I got sick. 

They get up and change sides.

AARON: Thanks. I feel safer on this side, like I did before I was sick.

JOANNA: Sure. You need to go to sleep.

AARON: I can’t. I’m afraid I somehow survived death, was on the road to getting better than the world ended around me.

JOANNA: It didn’t end. As always, the world has bad timing.

AARON: I can’t believe I made it back from kidney failure only to get possibly whacked by a virus.

JOANNA: There are a million stories just like yours. Some better, some worse. I love you and I’m here for you and it’ll be okay. Try and sleep. 

AARON: Thanks. 

JOANNA: Good night.

AARON: I think I want to go back to the other side.

JOANNA: I may need to isolate you to the living room.

Dan Farren is a writer living in California.

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