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Brian Lux

Stoned and Shingrix dinged
I wonder if I have what it takes
To make the final grade before the last glide down?

The cat hears my thoughts and
Scatters herself down the hall
Claws clicking to beat all hell.

My readiness dulls the roars
That hide behind my walls
But I still hear them anyway.

Stocked and boxed and shut tight
Alone for a fortnight
I shiver awhile and then I don't.

Count now every day
But focus on what stands
Because for now, everything stays.

The notes of the last song still ring
While my ears ring in pitch and rhyme.
This may be the last one, the final big note.

But it doesn't have to stop now
Because there's always time
For one more song.

Brian Lux is a writer living in California.

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