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Shreyans Kanswa

And finally,
As I wake up and squeeze my eyes
Hiding my face from the sun
I feel free.
The sun that is burning the empty roads
Is feeling shallow and depressed 
It is missing all the human touch

Confined in physical boundaries
Humans are depressed too
Something else has been towering above them
And kicking their ass

It is that time I realize
The time when you know
That destruction is not far away
It is now a distinct possibility 

Acceptance feels unreal
With the infinite potential of mind
Emotionally, we are limited
Fate is standing at our door
And we are not letting it in 

I'm no different 
I feel depressed and shallow 
Like the sun
I am fearful and hopeful 
Like other humans
The only difference being 
That I'm free.

Shreyans Kanswa is a writer living in Ratlam, India.

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