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Rogan Hennie

Young At Heart

Young at heart, I look up at the sky
Sat in a chair in a broken down house
Young at heart, I cry out the names
Of those that hurt me, of those that died
Young at heart, my name doesn't fit
Get off this train, son, you don't belong
Young at heart, there's someone listening
Pack your bags, boy, trains leaving.


You're Not My Mom Anymore

Don't point the finger at me
I'm not a child anymore
Wrapped in cloths no more
Wrapped in your arms no more

The tendencies of my movements
They plague my everyday 
The tendencies aren't improvements
Singing in the day now, singing in the day

You're not my mom anymore
Between our hearts there is no love 
You're just a whore
And you're heart is poor  


You Don't See Me

In the middle of my existence
You are sitting on the side
Other people who know you
Tell me not to hide
Though it seems like yesterday 
You were on top of the mountain
Flying high and free
Now the cold air has frozen you in your sleep

You don't see me
You don't breathe me in
Just imagine if you can the moment we first met
Settle it down in the pit of your stomach 
And tell me one simple word 
That will make me love you again
Or fly away and never come back 
You were not mine to begin  

Rogan Hennie is a writer living in Alberta, Canada.

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