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Jeff Nesvig

The water was still and silent as the moon cast its reflection across her
She holds the bounty of a sailor's dreams inside her bosom
And every ship at sea will search for the treasure that lies within her
Even in the depths of her watery grave a heart still beats.
Hands that touch the sails of a pirate's masterpiece hold on to her dreams
And guide these painted ships by the stars up in the sky
When the winds come to a place that bring a salty breeze you’ll know you are there
You know that she has delivered her treasure and her dreams into the salty air
Treasure that shines like a king’s ransom in gold never sees the sun and never grows old
The dreams of her wealth come alive in the storm and the vision of a pirate's masterpiece
Is waiting on the ocean floor.
Things that were seen through tired eyes have shown the mystery of her seas
Mermaids and serpents that protect her gold have come to steel a pirate's dreams
Painted ships with windblown sails headlong into her watery grave can feel the calm
And touch the still and silent water that has brought the sailor home.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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