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Jeff Nesvig

I would sing you a love song
I could sleep inside your dreams at night I could lay here forever just to watch you sleep
My days and nights I think of you.
We could drive from coast to coast
In a brand new automobile
See the things that remind us that our love is so very real.
Ten thousand miles and a million stars
And the moon to show us the way
We could drive forever as long we’re together
And I would sing you a love song for you.

So you say you have touched the sun
Now it's setting in your eyes
your love has grown into a fire that's burning in your heart
And now you hold the key to forever more.

Yesterday you said you love me
You said you’ve never loved before
Did you know for the last thirty years
Ive loved nobody but you.

Yesterday you said you love me
I hope you know that I love you too.

One hundred years and maybe more
Since the words of Katy came through this door.

Words of patience, words that bring the wind
Words that take me back to times so long ago
When Katy’s love was the breath of a hundred men
Men that dreamed of Katy’s touch
Men that dreamed so long ago.

If I were a traveler of time and years in between
I’d travel that foggy road to Katy’s door
Just to hear the words of Katy as she moves across the floor.

Words that captured the hearts and dreams of lives so long ago
Stay alive in the fog at Katy’s front door.

She told them stories of love so long ago
She kept their dreams alive
Alive in the fog at Katy’s front door.

Jeff Nesvig is a writer living in Florida.

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